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Bullying & Social Action

By Devan Witter

Recently I have become an ambassador for Get Connected who offer a free, confidential helpline for young people under 25. They connect young people with the help they are looking for, who otherwise may not know where to turn for it. The great thing about the service is that they are always there for young people and they can be easily contacted when you need them.
Unfortunately their helpline building in Baker Street was affected by flooding which means that they are currently unable to offer support to everyone who contacts them. More about this can be found here on their website.
As part of my role with Get Connected I was asked to speak to a production company for the BBC who are looking for a young person, who's brave enough to speak out about feeling lonely whilst being bullied. If you would be interested in taking part in this opportunity feel free to contact me via my website or on twitter @devan_w and I will pass your details on. 
A little more about this opportunity from the production company:

The BBC are currently conducting research into loneliness in the UK and want to speak to young people under 30 about the subject and how it has affected them at some point in their lives. The final aim will be to make a documentary on the subject but, for now, we just want to talk about people’s experiences to fully understand what loneliness is like.

We really think the work Get Connected do to help young people get through tough experiences is hugely valuable so we are hoping that either volunteers or people currently going through tough times will be willing to have a quick chat with us. Every person we talk to we will be talking to us in the strictest of confidence.
I worked with the fantastic charity Fixers to create a website called Advice For Teachers to offer guidance around the issue of bullying. The website also provides suggestions of how to deal with bullying within a school or youth provision. 
As well as working with Fixers I also run my own projects within the East Riding and have been greatly supported by East Riding Voluntary Action Services and Volunteen, who have helped me to reach out to more people within my area. Because of them I can now attend events to talk about Bullying and Volunteering, to help encourage more young people to get involved with social action. 
To stay up to date with what I am getting involved in check out my website and follow me on twitter @devan_w 
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