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Case Study - Wayne Instrell

By Devan Witter

Inspired now inspiring others
If you have or are being bullied you are not alone, many of us have been targeted for different reasons. Another #iwill ambassador Wayne Instrell now 18 was targeted at school, it got to the point where he had to be taken out of his mainstream lessons. Whilst he was in school he was also given a one-off rugby coaching session which inspired him to continue on with the sport.
But now he is inspiring others, he volunteers as a rugby coach for primary school pupils outside of their school time. He has won the Student of the Year Award through the Sky Sports Living for Sports programme which also helped him get his confidence back. He has also become an #iwill ambassador for Step Up To Serve. He has managed to do all of this because he found something he enjoys.
This video shows you more about Wayne's story:     
If you are being bullied for whatever reason, remember there is help out there. Wayne's story is one which proves that you can get through it. 
Do you want to share your story? Leave a comment below and you could be featured in the next case study blog. 
If you need support with a problem you are facing seek support. You can contact Get Connected
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