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Cyber Bullying

By Devan Witter

Today I want to focus on Cyber Bullying, (sorry for the lack of posts lately, I will explain in more detail why that is later.)
Anyway just for those who don't know what cyberbullying is ill give you a little description.
Cyber Bullying is when someone uses the internet or a mobile to purposely upset someone else. 
So what is the difference between cyberbullying and bullying? *psst.. it is still bullying* 

This type of bullying can affect someone not just at school, but at home as too. (whereas with school bullying it usually stops when you are in your own home on most occasions.) This is because it always takes place in the online environment, that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find out who the cyberbully is because they could block their number or use another name. If the bullying is happening face to face you know who they are. This type of bullying can have a large audience and more than one person could be doing it, but most won't know that it is actually bullying.

If someone makes a group chat like in the next image, would you think it is bullying? *yes it is* 

A good thing about this kind of bullying is that it can be used as evidence. Normal bullying can be the bullies word against yours, but with cyberbullying you can save the messages or web pages and print them out. Just like above! This can be used as evidence to find out who the bully is and stop them bullying other people too.

What can and should you do about Cyber Bullying? 

1. Save all the messages or web pages. If you have upsetting emails or nasty things put on your profile save them to your phone or computer so you can use it as evidence.

2. Learn how to block the bully. (We suggest you keep the contacts and find a way to block them as by keeping the contacts you will know who it is if they do it again)

3. Don't reply to things that are said; it could make the situation worse. If you ignore them they will get bored and give up. If they get a reaction from you they have won. Don't give them what they want, We know this is hard but most people find it works.

4. If you are being bothered via your mobile phone, you should contact your phone provider. Each company has a special area for problems like this.

5. Another great thing I have found that works is putting pictures of the emails or messages on Facebook / Twitter so that your friends (or their friends) can see what they are doing. Not everyone will agree with this, but it can be used as a last resort if nothing else works.

Quick Update
Soo I am going to try and post a blog each month, and trust me I have loads of ideas of what to write. Lately I have been really busy with some new projects as I am trying to tackle public transport for young people.
You can help me too by filling out this survey if you live in the East Riding:
I am also working on expanding the Devan Group too, but more information on that will come soon. Check out the new logo: 
Thats it for now but make sure you follow me @devan_w and Action Against Bullying @AABullying on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest info on what I am getting up to. 
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