Humber Business Week - Don't Miss Out On Tomorrow's Talent
Ok so this is something I mentioned in my last post but I've decided to go into more detail about it as it is such a good opportunity for both businesses and young people. 
Are you investing in young people? Do you want to learn how to tap into tomorrow's talent? You can ask young people, the questions you need answers to.
This workshop will provide a unique opportunity for employers to talk directly to young people. The workshop will facilitate interaction between employers and young people with an aim to discover solutions on how businesses can access young people's talents. 
Talent Match Humber (an amazing organisation) is a project designed by young people for young people and specialises in co-design. The YPP (Young People's Partnership) is the main driving force behind the project. The YPP work with its peers to identify specific barriers to employment and work to reach solutions. 
Talent Match and the YPP have identified employers are often unaware of the barriers young people face when looking for employment and are therefor unable to see the potential of some young people, resulting in employers missing out on locally skilled, enthusiastic and motivated young people. 
The YPP can help you change that.
This is a FREE workshop for ALL business owners, managers or anyone working in recruitment / training. You are also welcomed if you have a particular interest in using co-design to get the most from your employees. 
The event will be on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 from 11:00 AM till 12:30 PM at the Forest Pines Hotels & Golf Resort, Broughton, Brigg. 
If you are interested in attending please email: & for more information visit the visit the Humber Business Week website here:
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