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Making Links

By Devan Witter

There are many things in life which can be linked; love & hate, bullying & mental health, mental health & social action and social action and a problem. This week I want to focus on how social action can be linked to a problem.
Whats the link between social action and a problem?
Many people use social action to overcome a personal problem or solve a larger community problem. When I do talks to young people, I try to encourage them to engage in social action if they are being bullied, or have another problem which they don't know how to deal with.
Social action can be used as a way to deal with your problems and help others deal with theirs in the process. Causing a double benefit for both you and your local community! 
So why wait? There are many opportunities for young people to get involved in social action. Check out the #iwill campaign website here for more information on these opportunities.
By encouraging positive social action you can help do many great things, such as breaking down the stereotypes young people face. Many young people are branded as "yobs" "binge-drinkers" or are thought to be involved in crime. 
There are many young people who go unnoticed for doing great things, just because a smaller number of our peers are picked out in the media for doing things which are not so great. So say #iwill today and help change these views of young people by taking part in positive social action.
You've got nothing to lose being involved in social action but loads to gain! You can help yourself and others at the same time!
I would love to hear your stories of how you have used positive social action, and you could have a chance to be featured in the next case study!  
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