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Punish the bully not the bullied

By Devan Witter

This months blog is aimed at Teachers and Parents. I would like to look at the way bullying is dealt with in schools, here I have a hypothetical situation that is based on many realities:
"Joe has been getting bullied at school for the past couple of months, and his teachers have known.
Recently when at school one of the bullies confronted him, demanding his lunch money. 
At the time, Joe was alone as his "friends" did not want to go outside with him.
He refused to hand over his money and started to walk towards the teacher for help. 
Before he could get there, the bully grabbed hold of Joe and tried to put him on the floor.
Joe had finally had enough of the bullying and decided to fight back and use self defence. 
The bully hit Joe, so Joe blocked it and used self-defence, the teacher had seen this and walked over. 
Both students were taken to the headteacher and were punished for "fighting"."
Joe didn't know why he got punished, but being punished made him think he was wrong for trying to tell the teacher, and that it was his own fault he was being bullied.
After this incident Joe felt that he could no longer speak out about being bullied in fear of being punished again.
I have found that this happens all to often, and that it is one reason why many young people do not want to speak out about being bullied. And yes, I have experienced this myself. 
Teachers, If you were on a night out and someone was going to attack you, Would you just let them do it? Or would you use self-defence? 
I know what I would do... The law is on your side in the case of self-defence, so why should it be different in schools? Read: Self Defence: Legal Guidance: The Crown Prosecution Service
Feel free to leave in the comments below, how you as a teacher would have dealt with this situation?
One last question does your schools Anti-Bullying Strategy / Policy work well with your No Fighting policy or do they clash? 
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